A better Europe for working people:
a stronger Pillar of Social Rights

The EU is proposing a new ‘Pillar of Social Rights’ with more rights for working people.
Trade unions across Europe want to make sure the EU takes concrete actions to improve the lives of working people.
EU leaders meeting in Gothenburg on November 17 are due to make some important decisions on the ‘Pillar of Social Rights’.

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10 Building Blocks

The essentials to put the ‘Pillar of Social Rights’ into practice: to move from nice words to actions for social justice.
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Fast agreement to get started

An Action Plan to deliver the rights

Investment to make the rights real

EU laws for enforcing the rights

Active support from all EU bodies

Better EU economic policy

Social Progress in the EU treaty

More and better Social Dialogue

Fair pay & work conditions

A Just Transition for digitalisation & climate action