The European Pillar of Social Rights

The European Pillar of Social Rights is an initiative of the European Union. It sets out principles and rights aimed at achieving better employment and welfare for a “more inclusive and fairer European Union”.

It consists of a package of measures including:
• A European Pillar of Social Rights in 20 principles adopted by the EU at its Summit in Gothenburg on November 17, 2017.
• A draft directive on work-life balance strengthening parental leave and introducing paid paternal and carers’ leave
• A proposal to revise the ‘Written Statement Directive’ to give more clarity on employment conditions, and possibly basic rights, to more workers including self-employed workers
• A consultation on possible action for access to social protection for people in all forms of employment including the self-employed

The ETUC welcomes the initiative, but the package presented falls short of what trade unions want and workers need.